Our brands

C Finance has three different brands in the two countries; Meddelandelån and FlexLimit in Sweden, and LuottoRaha in Finland.


Meddelandelån is our eldest and most known brand, offering instalment loans in the Swedish consumer loans market since 2006. The loan sums vary from 500 SEK up to 30 000 SEK with a repayment time between 15 days and 3 years, depending on the sum. Learn more about Meddelandelån


FlexLimit was launched in autumn 2015 and is thus our newest consumer credit brand. It is a revolving credit product, where the customer can make withdrawals according to preference, from credit limits between 3 000 SEK and 20 000 SEK. Being a revolving credit product, repayment is flexible but monthly minimum payments are required. Learn more about FlexLimit


LuottoRaha is a revolving credit in the Finnish market, offering a 2 000 to 3 000 EUR credit limits of which customers can make withdrawals according to preference. Repayment is flexible with monthly repayments and a possibility to a repayment free month. Learn more about LuottoRaha

C Finance in brief

  • Established: 2005
  • Group structure: C Finance Oy (Finland) & C Finance AB (Sweden)
  • Group turnover: 7,8 MEUR (2017)
  • Type of service: B2C
  • Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland
  • Personnel: 23
  • Vast experience in consumer lending
  • Own IT system
  • Easily scalable business model
  • Three brands: Meddelandelån, LuottoRaha, FlexLimit 
  • High customer satisfaction